Arla is the greenest food producer in Sweden

According to the consulting company Differ Arla is selected to be the greenest brand 2022 by Swedish consumers.

Differ’s annual survey appoints Arla to be the greenest brand in the category “Food producer”.

– We are incredibly proud to receive this award. Sustainability work is fundamental through our entire value chain from farm to fork. The fact that Arla is voted Sweden’s greenest brand in the food producer category shows that we have reached the consumers with our progress, Victoria Olsson, Head of Sustainability, Arla Sweden, says in a press release

Among Arla’s sustainability initiatives can be mentioned:

  • That Arla farmers are among the most climate-efficient dairy farmers in the world.
  • That Arla is the world’s largest producer of organic dairy products.
  • That Arla’s dairies buy 100% renewable electricity, and that its own heavy transports have been 100% fossil-free since 2018.
  • That the packaging is continuously improved, by reducing the amount of plastic, increasing the proportion of renewable material, and increasing recyclability.

Sweden’s Greenest Brand is a survey conducted by the consulting company Differ. The survey was answered by more than 1,000 respondents aged 15-74 and measures attitudes and trends on how consumers view sustainability.

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