New research emphasizes the importance of breakfast for school children

A compilation of 15 research studies states that eating a nutritious breakfast every day affects children’s health and how they perform in school.

According to mjö a new report compiles 15 research results and shows, that a nutritious breakfast can improve both health and school performance. But only two out of three primary school students and half of the high school students eat breakfast daily.

Three studies in the compilation show that children who eat breakfast every day are more alert and fuller. Those who do not eat breakfast instead find more energy from sugar. They also get less protein, calcium, fibre, and zinc. And girls get insufficient iron and vitamin C. Also eating breakfast regularly can reduce the risk of obesity.

In some of the studies, it was found that children who eat breakfast performed better on various cognitive tests. Five of the studies also showed that breakfast intake contributed with higher test results, improved accuracy, and ability to concentrate.

It is estimated that 20 percent of the daily energy comes from breakfast. Therefore, it is important that school serves a nutritious breakfast for those children, who do not eat breakfast at home, ‘Livsverket’ suggests.

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