New man at the helm of Glada bonden’s dairy

The dairy Glada bonden in Boxholm has got a new CEO. At the same time, the trademark dispute with Arla continues.

– It is with joy and excitement that I accept the challenge to lead and develop Glada bonden dairy, says Oscar Hallinder in a comment to, when he took over as CEO at the beginning of the year.

– I look forward to working strategically, building structures and an organization that delivers quality in product and process. It will be great fun, and a first step to be able to handle the volume we want for the sales work that lies ahead of us, he says.

Among other things, Oscar Hallinder has work experience from Dafgårds and Scandi Standard.

Meanwhile, the cheese battle in Boxholm continues. Recently Svea Court (Patent- och marknadsöverdomstolen) has given Glada bonden time to file an appeal, because the dairy has been banned from calling its cheeses genuine Boxholms (Äkta Boxholms). Pending a decision, Glada bonden now call the cheese ”XXXX XXXXXXX”, they tell on Facebook.

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