150 year – and still going strong

This year, Västerbottensost® can celebrate its 150 jubilees, and the cheese is just as popular today as when it was created in 1872, emphasizes Norrmejerier, which produces the cheese according to the traditional craft methods.

Despite its age, Västerbottensost® is still going strong. This is shown by the fact that it occurs on YouGov’s annual list of Sweden’s strongest brands, as one of the 10 strongest.

– The fact that Västerbottenost® still is loved and appreciated by the Swedish people is something we are very proud of. Our ambition is to honour the memory of Ulrika Eleonora, who created Västerbotten cheese and continue to produce it in the same way, so that future generations of cheese lovers also can enjoy the cheese, Maria Forsner, Product Manager Västerbottenost, says.

According to Norrmejerier 95% of the Swedish people know Västerbottensost® and some call it Sweden’s answer to parmesan. The cheese has its own website, an active marketing and collaboration with some of Sweden’s best chefs.

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