Sweden is still a pioneer in low antibiotic use

For the eleventh year in a row, the European Medicines Agency’s report (EMA) shows that Swedish farmers use the least antibiotics in EU – where the total use has decreased by about 10 percent in two years.

– The other EU-countries have followed the Swedish model. Europe is the best in the world on this issue. And we are the best in the EU. It is something to be proud of, LRF’s veterinarian Anna Forslid says in a press release.

Every year, about 750,000 people die from infections caused by resistant bacteria. With increased antibiotic resistance, many infections become more difficult or even impossible to cure. Therefore, it is extra gratifying that Sweden is consolidating its position as Europe’s best at low antibiotic use in animal husbandry.

Sweden has been a pioneer in animal welfare issues since the mid-1980s. At that time at LRF’s National Assembly, the members made a historic decision to work for a ban on the use of antibiotics for growth-promoting purposes. In 1986, it became law in Sweden, as it now is throughout the EU.

While Sweden is the EU county with the least use of antibiotics (11.1 mg per kg) – Cyprus tops the scale as a heavy user (393.6 mg per kg. kg). Read more HERE and see how much antibiotics other EU countries use.