Experimental farm inaugurates milking robots with the latest technology

At an event last week, Lantmännen’s ‘future farm Viken’ celebrated the installation of seven new milking robots from De Laval.

– We believe in Swedish milk production and therefore the investment in new technology is important. With the seven new robots, we also see great opportunities to make more experiments in feed that will benefit the entire industry, Lantmännen’s chairman of the board Per Lindahl said at the inauguration

The future farm Viken is Lantmännen’s own dairy and experimental farm, which is located east of Falköping and has 440 dairy cows and 420 calves and heifers.

The seven milking robots replace a 20-year-old milking carousel. Lantmännen has invested SEK 15 million in the robots.

– The latest milking technology minimizes the risk of incomplete milking. In addition, it will be easier to milk more difficult cows and through measuring the number of cells the milk during milking you can have control over the cows’ udder health, De Laval’s product manager Per Edstam said to the agricultural news media ATL.

The robots can also detect heat and pregnancy by measuring progesterone in the milk

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