Arla has saved 873 tonnes of food I Sweden

In 2021, Arla saved 873 tonnes of food through the Arla Deals initiative. To prevent food waste this Christmas, Arla shares three tips in a press release.

A year ago, Arla opened a digital outlet – Arla Deals – where dairy products with a short date are sold with high discounts to shops and restaurants. The goal is that fresh products should not be thrown away, but instead be used in restaurants and by consumers.  873 tonnes of food were saved in Sweden this year thanks to the initiative.

– During Arla Deals’ first year, it has become clear that there is an interest to reduce food waste. Many products are often good after their ‘best before’ date and if we together can ensure that the food produced is eaten up, it is a big win, Magnus Cohen, responsible for customer service, Arla Sweden, says.

That Swedish consumers are interested in reducing their food waste is clear from the thousands of searches made on Arla’s question forum every week. ”Is it possible to freeze your products?” tops the list of the most searched questions.

In a press release, Arla shares three good tips for reducing food waste this Christmas

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