The Consumer Ombudsman takes Arla’s climate-communication to court

In a press release, Arla comments on the Consumer Ombudsman’s decision to bring Arla’s branding: ‘net zero climate footprint’ to court.

In 2019, Arla’s organic products were launched with net zero climate footprint, something that is achieved through climate compensation among other things.

After a complaint to the Swedish Consumer Agency, the clarity of Arla’s communication on the packaging was questioned and referred to as misleading, because Arla did not clearly describe what Net zero climate footprint means. Since Arla has clarified the communication on the packaging and on its website.

After a long process, the Consumer Ombudsman Thursday 11. November announced that he will try the issue of Arla’s use of the statement ”net zero climate footprint” at a trial.

Victoria Olsson, Head of Sustainability at Arla Sweden, comments on the Consumer Ombudsman’s initiative.

– The calculation methods Arla used for climate compensation follow practice and the climate credits are purchased by qualified programs that follow accepted methodologies for calculations and follow-up of climate compensation projects. We can also state that the experts hired by the Swedish Consumer Agency do not question Arla’s calculations of the products’ climate impact. Arla has placed great emphasis on making the information to consumers as clear as possible on packaging and websites, she says and adds:

– Arla welcomes the development of practices for communicating environmental claims. ‘Net zero’ is a term used in climate work by companies, organizations such as the UN and the EU, as well as by countries. Arla’s intention is none other than to comply with the law and current practice, Victoria Olsson, Sustainability Manager at Arla Sweden, concludes.

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