More dairies are raising the milk price

Skånemejerier, Falköpings mejeri and Norrmejerier have announced that they are following Arla’s increase in milk prices to the farmers.

This week Arla announced that the milk price will raise with 31.2 öre per kilo from December. The competitors Falköpings mejeri, Norrmejerier and Skånemejerier announced that they are following Arla, the market leader.

– Our increase in price must be at least as good as Arlas and preferably even better, Anders Segerström, CEO of Falköpings Mejeri, says to ATL.

Also, Göran Olofsson, chairman of the board of Norrmejerier, anticipates an increase.

– There will most probably be an increase for our farmers as well. The board will meet in December, so I don’t think the raise will come before that, he says to ATL.

At the same time Anders Segerström and Göran Olofsson, both believe that Arla’s increase of 31.2 öre is less than needed, because the production costs for the dairy farmers have increased by about 70 öre per kilo over the past year. They both adds that also the dairies are under pressure. Therefore, they hope for favourable price negotiations with the shops.

Also, Skånemejerier is planning an increase in the milk price, but does not want to mention numbers

– We will of course raise the price of milk to our farmers as well. Our milk price is slightly above the market, but we do not externally share the details of our agreements with suppliers, Anette Gregow communications director at Skånemejerier writes in a text message to ATL.

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