KTH-report: – Plant based food is best for the climate

Swedish researchers have compared the environmental impact between dairy and plant-based alternatives. And conclude, that plant-based products are best for the environment.

The common interest in plant-based alternatives to dairy is more than just a food trend. For instance, a group of researchers from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) have analysed the differences in the environmental impact between dairy products and plant-based alternatives.

The study is a literature review of 21 scientific articles on the topic – on differences in emissions and resources used for the various products.

According to the media livsmedelifokus.se the comparison shows that the plant-based dairy alternatives have lower or much lower climate effects in almost all cases with two exceptions: water consumption for almond drinks and emissions of ozone-depleting substances in the production of margarine.

– The purpose of our study was to make comparisons between milk and plant-based alternatives. But we could not find studies that made comparisons on biodiversity according to the criteria we had set in advance. Personally, I know that some milk production is good for biodiversity (depending on where the cows graze and how many graze on such areas). However, it seems to be a much smaller part that lives as a ”Bregottkor” than you might think, Björn Hedin, researcher at KTH says to livsmedelifokus.se.

He emphasizes that although the study is funded by Oatly, the researchers have worked independently.

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