Farmhouse dairy was the source of deadly listeria

Lillängen’s Farmhouse Dairy was under investigation when infected cheese was sold.

– It is completely established that goat cheese from Lillängen’s farmhouse dairy was the source of listeria, Mats Lindblad, Control Coordinator at the Swedish Food Agency says to the Nya Wermlands TiIdningen (NWT) – according to

The inspection report shows that Lillängen’s Farmhouse Dairy had several deviations and orders for measures. And had repeatedly deficiencies in food hygiene.

During a routine check on 17 September the control among other things noted both dirt, flies, and condensation.

The Swedish Food Agency demanded measures for all the deviations and promised to be back to investigate whether measures had been carried out.

Despite the dairy was under investigation, cheese sold on October 1. caused the death of at least one person, because it – as we know now – was infected with Listeria.

A ban for the dairy to bring its products to market came on 18 October and on 27 October it was decided that all products Lillängen’s Farmhouse Dairy would be recalled due to listeria.

Shortly afterwards Lillängens dairy closed the business.

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