Again: Glada Bonden vs. Arla

In mid-November, Arla filed a lawsuit against Glada Bonden for trademark infringement. Now Glada Bonden reply with suing Arla for misleading marketing.

The Boxholm-based dairy Glada Bonden has since September produced a cheese, under the label ‘Äkta Boxholms’ (Genuine Boxholm’s). But Arla already produces a cheese called Boxhom and have owned the trademark for a decade. So, after a warning, Arla sued Glada Bonden.

– Any company would defend its brand if there was a copy of their product, Arla’s press manager Erik Bratthall said to ATL in the middle of November.

Now Glada Bonden’s chairman Anders Birgersson states in a press release:

– We have always claimed that cheese made in Boxholm should be named after the place.

He welcomes, that the disagreements will be settled in court, but adds:

– It is not reasonable that cheese from Östersund (where Arla’s cheese is produced. ed) is the only one that can be called Boxholm.

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