Swedish milk and beef production can reach climate goals in 2050

A new report shows how Swedish milk and beef production can achieve the climate goals in the Paris Agreement.

The report – ‘Agriculture of the Future: Milk and beef’ – maps the challenges and opportunities for the Swedish food industry in relation to a more sustainable production by 2050.

– Our report describes focus areas and potentials for reducing climate impact and at the same time increasing productivity and benefiting biodiversity. Swedish milk and beef production has an important role to play in a sustainable food system also in the future, says Claes Johansson, head of sustainability at Lantmännen, which is one of the companies behind the report.

It is the compagnies Arla, DeLaval, HKScan, Lantmännen, LRF, Svenskt Kött, Växa and Yara, who together have carried out the extensive project.

Swedish milk and beef production is already today among the most sustainable in the world, but the report shows that there are great opportunities to go even further and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The focus areas covered in the report are the following: breeding for healthy animals, animal health and lifetime production, roughage production, feed materials, feed strategies on the farm, fossil-free agriculture, manure management and biogas, carbon storage, biodiversity, air and water and new technology. Read more HERE