Oatly is investing heavily in more research

The oat drink company Oatly starts new research and innovation centre in Lund.

A new building in the middle of Science Village in north-eastern Lund is under construction. In 2023 when it is finished it will be housing Oatlys new a research and innovation centre.

It is the construction company Wihlborgs, who is responsible for the building, called Space. In a press release from Wihlborgs, Sofia Ehlde, Global Innovation Director at Oatly explains:

– A shift to a more plant-based diet is crucial for creating a food system within the planet’s limitations, and oats have a major unrealised potential and could become an important part of the solution. Now that we are investing heavily in more research on this crop, Lund and Science Village is a natural location for us. The research environment has world-leading expertise in plant improvement and unique instruments to study material at nanoscale thanks to the international projects ESS and MAX IV. We hope to attract even more expertise to the area.

A team has already moved in at Ideon in Lund, while waiting for the building in Science Village is ready. According to Food-supply.se Oatly will start employing around 30 researchers, ending up with a staff of 100 persons.

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