New cheese from Boxholm with controversial name

Now cheese from Boxholm is availably again but will the name ‘Äkta Boxholm’ (Genuine Boxholm) lead to a new conflict with Arla, the news media’s consider.

On Monday, the association Glada bonden announced that Boxholm dairy was ready with four new cheeses. Tuesday the sale opened at the dairy at an event with speeches e.g., and the queue of buyers was long.

The dairy has been through a turbulent time since Arla stopped its production of cheese in 2019 until now where it’s is owned by the association Glade Bonden, that has restarted the production.

An assortment of four new cheeses has been announced under the brand Äkta Boxholm (Genuine Boxholm cheese). However, the name ”Äkta Boxholm” can cause problems according to SVT Nyheder, because Arla has registered the trademark Boxholm in connection with their cheese.

SVT Nyheter Öst (Swedish Television East) has asked the Patent and Registration Office, which says that they cannot comment on how a possible dispute would end.

– We are not a supervisory authority. We look at whether the application meets basic requirements and if there are other possibilities of misleading when applying for a trademark. In this case, it will be up to Arla what they choose to do. My experience is that in nine cases out of ten, a warning letter is usually sent first, Martin Ingesson, departmental lawyer at the Patent and Registration Office says to SVT.

Meanwhile, Glada Bonden maintains in a press release that: – a Boxholm cheese without Boxholm is not an Äkta Boxholm’s cheese. It must be made in the way it has always been made, on recipes with the right ingredients and turned by hand of the cheese masters in Boxholm… it cannot be confused with any other cheese.

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