Dairy farmers received gold medals from the King

On Monday 25 October, the King and Queen participated in the awarding of gold medals by the Swedish Farmers’ Association (LRF). The ceremony took place in the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace.

LRF Mjölk’s gold medal is Sweden’s highest award for the delivery of milk of the highest quality. To receive the medal, the dairy farmer needs to have delivered quality milk for a total of 23 years.

The ceremony began with the King welcoming everyone and saying in his speech:

– Dear dairy farmers! Developments in agriculture are constantly advancing. A lot has happened just during the time you have been running your business.

– But some things do not change. You are as important to our country as your predecessors were when my grandfather presented the first gold medals 63 years ago.

Last year’s dividend was canceled due to the pandemic. Therefore, it is now the 2020 prize winners who receive their medals from the King.

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