Book a therapy session with a cow

At selected Arla-farms around Sweden, it is now possible to book a visit with a cow – an activity that helps visitors to relax.

The activity – visiting a cow – is part of Arla’s campaign ’Lev i Muet’ which encourages you to unwind, and feel-good in a maybe stressful life.

Research shows that the encounter with the cow can make you happier, more calm and relaxed. During a therapy session, the visitor gets to hang out with an Arla-cow and is given the opportunity to talk and unwind. The therapeutic cows are good listeners Arla state in a press release.

– Many people who work with cows can testify to their calming effect. Since a close encounter with a cow contributes to harmony and well-being, this can be a good way to find peace and quiet in an otherwise stressful everyday life, Hanna Wennderdal , Brand Manager Mjök, Arla Sweden, says.

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