Arla inaugurates innovation farm

Finngarne farm north of Norrtälje becomes Innovation farm for Arla. Here, methods to increase the positive environmental impact of dairy farming will be tested. The inauguration takes place today, the 8th of October.

At Finngarne farm Arla will fund research projects on methods that increase the positive environmental impact of milk production, reduce the climate impact and modernized technology for better animal care.

– Research and development at farm level are too slow. Through new ways of working, we can achieve climate and environmental benefits. Therefore, Arla is opening an innovation farm where we will fund research projects and collaborate with farmers, researchers and customers, Lisa Ehde, Head of Member & Agri Commercial Arla Sweden, says.

The participates at the inauguration are not just anyone, but ‘the top of the pop’ in the industry – among others:

  • Ibrahim Baylan, Minister of Trade, and Industry
  • Inger-Lise Sjöström and Jonas Carlgren, Board representatives in Arla
  • Peder Tuborgh, CEO of Arla Foods
  • Kai Gyllström, CEO of Arla Sweden
  • Palle Borgström, chairman of LRF
  • Christian Nyrén, CEO of the Agricultural Research Foundation

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