Relax to the sound of ‘Arlagården’

Arla has produced a relaxing playlist with various recordings from a dairy farm. The soundtrack on Spotify is part of the campaign ‘Lev I Muet’ (a quirky translation of the expression ‘Live in the present’).

 – On a farm there are many harmonious and soothing sounds that I think people enjoy, but few get to experience on site. We are now launching a playlist with these wonderful sounds so that more people can take part in the tranquil experience that farms offer. Leaning back and enjoying the sound of the cows, the summer rain or a glass of cold milk that is poured is a wonderful way to relax, Hanna Wennderdal, brand manager at Arla in says according to

The soundtrack are so called White Noise, which is a broad term that covers everything from static noise to background noise that people use to unwind an relax.

The playlist is a part of the campaign ‘Lev I muet’ which Arla launched I June, aimed at young people between 16-33 years. The communication focus on reminding people to take a break from the hectic everyday life, to live more in the present and to have a glass of milk – a good choice for downsizing and recovery.

The playlist include the rustling of the wind in the summer meadow, a quiet rain against the barn roof, the cows grazing and a glass of milk being poured. The sounds are recorded at an Arlagård in Roslagen.

Listen to the soundtrack HERE