Goodbye to Arla Köket – Hello to Arla Mat

Arla gathers all food inspiration under the new concept ‘Arla Mat’ and will to a greater extent use new social medias.

For more than 60 years, Arla has inspired home cooks with various recipes. In the autumn of 2021, Arla will launch the new concept Arla Mat which gathers all food inspiration under one roof. The concept replaces the 20-year-old ‘Arla Köket ‘and at the same time it extends its communication with two new digital channels.

– It should be easy to eat well and choose good recipes and products. By gathering all food inspiration from Arla in one concept under one name, we make it easy for food enthusiasts to find us everywhere, regardless of channel, Karin Granlund, responsible for food inspiration, Arla Sweden, says.

– We know that many in the target group 18-25 years are interested in food, and much of the food they cook is inspired by movies and recipes on TikTok and Pinterest. Two channels we have not used before. In the future we will release a lot of recipe films together with well-known influencers, at TikTok, Sara Johansson, social media and influencer manager, Arla Sweden tells.

The roll-out of the new concept has just started and during the autumn several activities will be arranged. Among other things, Arla Mat Food truck will visit various universities, where they will serve breakfast and inspire the students to good eating habits.

Find Arla Mat on Instagram (@arlamat), TikTok (@arlamat), Facebook (@arlamat), Youtube (@matkanalen), Pinterest (@arlamat) and on the Arla Mat-app.

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