Arla and Gasum expand collaboration on biogas

The Government has announced that it wants to support the biogas production in Sweden, therefore Arla and Gasum are expanding their collaboration to ensure access to biogas and biofertilizer.

Today, Arla has 10 trucks, driving on biogas and three new ones will join later this year. In previous calculations, Arla estimate that the potential of the production of biogas from manure from Arla’s farms in Sweden corresponds to approximately 54 million litres of diesel. Due to the government’s announcement on supporting biogas Arla now starts collaboration with Gasum, who are experts in the Nordic gas sector and the energy market.

– Through the collaboration, Arla hopes that more dairy can contribute in an efficient and profitable way with fertilizer to biogas production at the same time as the supply of liquid biogas fuel for Arla’s transports increases, Malin Leander, logistics director of Arla Sweden, says in a press release.

– Gasum sees the collaboration with Arla as a crucial part in realizing the potential that biogas has in Sweden. To succeed with the green transformation of the whole society, it is crucial that we use all the best resources we have. Biogas is one of the very best. By using residual products as fertilizer, we achieve both major improvements for the climate, and we also solve challenges with waste, and contribute to reduced eutrophication. The clear signals that the government is now giving are very positive to the industry and the climate, Johan Grön, Vice President, Biogas Gasum, says

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