Summer news from the Grill Cheese front

The last couple of years Swedish grill cheese has been the talk of the town. This summer was no exception. A new dairy launched their own grill cheese – and a test voted the best cheese.

The increased interest in locally produced food means that many people choose Swedish grilled cheeses instead of Cypriot original halloumi – and grill cheese has become a competition parameter among dairies. Last dairy in the game is Falköpings Mejeri, that launched their own grill cheese in June. The cheese is made from 100 percent, organic cow milk.

– For us at Falköpings Mejeri, which has been making cheese since 1931, cheese-making is nothing new, but grilled cheese requires little more than a hard cheese and a large investment in new cheese-making with complete equipment and a completely new recipe has been developed, the dairy told.

Also, Aftonbladet showed interest in the many variations of Swedish grill cheese and conducted a test to find the best in July. The vote fell for Dalsspira’s Grill cheese, which were described as ‘almost perfect and a clear Winner’.

– For a small dairy like Dalsspira, it is not always so easy to reach the end consumer, but Aftonbladet’s test shows that our Grill cheese stands very well in the competition against much larger brands, which we are very proud of ‘, CEO Malin Jakobsson from Dalspira stated.

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