Stop for expansion of Boxholm Dairy

Cheese production in Boxholm has encountered new problems. The municipality made a mistake as it allowed the company to expand the dairy.

The new owners of Boxholm Dairy, Glada Bonden, who took over after Arla, had plans on expanding on the dairy ground. The plans were, among other things to build a warehouse next to the current dairy in central Boxholm.

The municipality’s community building committee gave the go-ahead, but neighbours to the dairy appealed, they believe that the expansion is contrary to the detailed plan for the area.

The County Administrative Board backs up the neighbours and cancels the municipality’s decision.

Arne Karlsson (S), chairman of the public works committee, says to SVT:

– We had in mind that our decision probably would be appealed, but we took a chance.

The consequence may now be that the municipality is forced to make a new detailed plan for the entire area, something that can take two years and risk the entire project, he adds.

Anders Birgersson, chairman of Glada Bonden, is sad that the expansion plans have been stopped, but believes that the business can continue anyway.

– If there must be a new detailed plan, we can take the opportunity to make much bigger changes for the whole area, he says.

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