Popular ice cream sticks are produced abroad

In July – in the middle of the ice cream season, SIA Glass released the Ice Cream Report 2021 – a report on ice cream production, origin and transport.

The Ice Cream Report 2021 shows that the Swedish people want to eat Swedish ice cream. At the same time it maps where Sweden’s three largest ice cream companies manufacture their sticks and cones. The survey shows that several of the most popular ice creams are made abroad.

It is the Halland based ice cream company SIA Glass that is behind the report, and they have a strong interest in releasing the survey, because they are the only large company, that produce all their ice cream sticks and cones in Sweden and from Swedish cream

The survey shows that GB Glace and Triumf Glass manufacture several of their bestsellers outside the country’s borders, which means that they are transported to Sweden by truck.

– We are not looking to point fingers, rather we would like to say: it is possible to produce all ice cream here in Sweden, and thus reduce the climate impact through fewer transports. This is our positive message for the ice cream season 2021. We want to arouse interest and spread knowledge about the issue, says Stefan Carlsson, CEO of SIA Ice Cream.

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