Marcus Jansson returns to Gäsene Dairy as CEO

The new CEO at Sweden’s smallest dairy association is an old acquaintance.

– I am humbled by the task of continuing the development at Gäsene Dairy, I feel very motivated to work together with the staff – to create a good price to the owners and a long-term profitable dairy. The board knows my strengths and what I am passionate about and with their confidence behind me, this is a challenging and exciting assignment, Marcus Jansson says according to

In the meantime, away from the dairy since 2015, Marcus Jansson has worked as category manager at Lindahl’s Dairy Products and at Gunnars Maskiner in Åsarp. Gäsene Dairy has had two CEOs in the period.

Gäsene Dairy is Sweden’s smallest dairy association, owned by 24 dairy farmers. The dairy has produced cheese since 1931 and has its own cheese-shop in Ljung in the middle of Västra Götaland.

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