Cows do not care about colours

Coloured LED lighting did not affect the cows’ milk production, a study from SLU concludes.

It is well known that cows produce more milk when the circadian rhythm is determined by a light program with 16 hours of daylight and 8 hours of night lighting. But does the colour of the light effect the production?

Many have discovered the benefits of energy-efficient LED light. By switching to LED lighting in a barn, energy consumption for lighting can be significantly reduced. There is great interest in the possibilities that LED technology provides. Among other things, it has been claimed that blue light can increase the cows’ activity, but this is not true according to a new study from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

– It is important to have better knowledge of the circadian rhythm of the cows, says Sofia Lindkvist, who is a doctoral student in this SLU project. Our goal is to be able to give well-founded recommendations on LED lighting programs in stable buildings for dairy cows – to reduced energy consumption and to maintained or increased activity and production.

– Our conclusion is that the choice of colour for the lighting in a barn should be made based on the stable staff’s wishes, or other need. We could not see any negative effects on the cows, she concludes.

The study continues with focus on other aspects on the cows need of light.

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