Arla: Two Swedish board members handing over

Vice Chairman Heléne Gunnarson has decided to stand down from the Board of Directors – handing over the new strategy period to a successor. Also Janne Hansson, another Swedish member of the Board of Directors, , is also stepping down.

Following 21 years as an elected and 13 years on the Board of Directors, the Swedish vice Chairman Heléne Gunnarson, is leaving her assignment. The timing is carefully chosen – in the beginning of a new strategy period:
– After a long career as elected and vice Chairman it is my wish to prioritise my farm and family. And I want to hand over to a new Board of Directors member before the new strategy period starts. I am very proud of the way Arla has developed during the 20 years I have been active as an elected. We have become an international cooperative with owners in seven countries and strong brands all over the globe. I am really proud of the journey we have made together, Heléne Gunnarson says.
Janne Hansson, member of the Board of Directors since 2018, has made large investments on his dairy farm, and has concluded that a prioritisation is necessary:
– It has been a privilege to sit on the board of Arla, one of the greatest farmer cooperatives in the world. It’s an important assignment and now I am looking forward to hand it over to the next person elected. I will now prioritise the development of my dairy farm and the large production investments I have made and will continue to make, Janne Hansson says.
Heléne Gunnarson and Janne Hansson made their announcement at the extra Board of Representatives meeting that is taking place in Copenhagen right now.
The two member of the Board will step down after the next Board of Representatives meeting in October 2021. The Swedish Evaluation Committee is involved and will initiate the election process during September. Read more HERE

Facts about Arla’s Board of Directors:

Arla’s Board of Directors consist of 15 Arla farmer owners, that are elected at regional and national electoral meetings by the members of the Board of Representatives, three employee representatives and two external advisors.