Arla launches an annual Breakfast Barometer

Breakfast is important for students’ ability to learn, but every third primary school student does not eat breakfast every day, a new study from Arla shows.

In 2018 Arla carried out a pilot project in Botkyrka municipality, where students were served breakfast during the first lesson. The project concluded that Students having nutrition in their bodies handle the school day better. The classroom will be calmer and the children will absorb the teaching better.

– To continue highlighting the importance of breakfast for children and young people, Arla is now launching an annual survey in which we measure children’s and parents’ attitudes around nutrition and breakfast, but also ask principals and school leaders if their schools serve breakfast, Victoria Olsson, head of sustainability at Arla Sweden tells in a press release.

– In our new survey, two out of three principals answer that their schools never serve breakfast to their students. At the same time, 97 percent of the principals answer that a good breakfast improves the students’ ability to concentrate, she says and add:

– Our study shows that children in families with higher incomes eat breakfast to a greater extent and thus have better opportunities to learn more in school. The school and society actually have an opportunity to level this out.

The study was conducted in Maj-June 2021, involving 1021 parents, 1021 students and 425 principals.

On the 24th of August Arla will host a digital seminar, presenting the report.

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