The pandemic led to more baking, cooking and snacking

One in four Swedes has changed their eating habits during the pandemic. A survey from Arla shows that many young people states that they eat more unhealthily and snack more often.

During the pandemic, the traffic on Arla’s recipe site har increased by 33 percent, which corresponds to almost 12 million more visitors compared with the previous year. Chocolate chip cookies (photo) are one of the many sweet recipes that increased the most during the pandemic.

– The traffic on has increased in the past year, and several of the recipes that were at the top even before having increased the most. It is clear that home baking has been popular during the pandemic, but we have also seen a large increase when it comes to cooking, which we view positively as it indicates that more and more people are cooking from scratch. On the other hand, we are concerned that unhealthy eating habits will gain a foothold even after the pandemic, especially among young people, Karin Granlund, responsible for food inspiration, Arla says in a press release.

The trend shown on is confirmed in a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Arla.

3,500 people were asked, and many of the young people stated that they had been snacking more (25 percent) and 14 percent said, that they had been eating more unhealthily.

In the same survey, parents with children living at home were asked how often they talk to their children about the importance of good eating habits. 24 percent answered that they rarely or never talk to their children about the importance of good eating habits.

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