Skånemejerier supports in helping unaccompanied minors

Skånemejerier donates surplus products to ‘Ensamkommandes förbund ‘to provide healthy food to their meeting place ’Otto’.

Skånemejerier has started a collaboration with Ensamkommandes förbund (The Association of Unaccompanied Minors) in Malmö, where Skånemejerier contributes with dairy products and juice.

The Association’s meeting place in Malmö is aimed at newly arrived children and young people up to the age of 25. The activity works to break loneliness and help create friendship between participants. It offers homework help, social and legal advice, sponsorship and a variety of leisure activities for those without a family in Sweden. At the same time, the young people are offered both snacks and dinner to gain additional strength in everyday life.

– Collaborating with Ensamkommandes förbund is important to us. The association makes a big difference for new Swedes, and it feels meaningful and preventive from a socially perspective that our products contribute as a nutritious supplement for someone who needs a little extra energy, Jeanette Flodqvist, Sustainability Manager at Skånemejerier, says in a press release.

Skånemejerier has an ambition to become Sweden’s most sustainable dairy, and works with four priority areas: climate, animal care, health and relationships. To reduce food waste for example, Skånemejerier already donate surplus products to the Skåne’s Stadsmission, which carries out charity projects in the region.

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