Find farmhouse dairies in Sweden and other countries

New homepage with map over farmhouse and artisan dairies in Sweden and 16 other European countries.

FACEnetwork (farmhouse cheesemakers) is present in 17 countries. In Sweden represented by the organisation Sverige’s Gårdsmejerister. On 1st of June the network launched an online guide to European small-scale dairies.

So, when the time comes, when tourists again will travel across European borders, you might find inspiration for the holiday planning on the homepage. Or just take on a virtual trip on the site.

By a click on a digital map, you can find farmhouse dairies and cheesemakers all over Europe. The homepage also has information on cheesemaking and a section with recipes from the different countries.

Sverige’s Gårdsmejerister and colleges in other counties have built up associations to collaborate, exchange, consult, training etc. Together these organisations form a European Network (FACEnetwork).
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