Arla and BroGas inaugurate new bioenergy plant on Gotland

On Friday 18 June, the inauguration of an energy plant will take place near Visby in Gotland. The investment is the largest climate initiative on Gotland.

The new plant operates on residual products from forestry, but many Arla-farms already  deliver manure to Broga’s biogas plant in Visby — and receive in return biofertilizer for their fields. The new energy plant means that the dairy in Visby Arla’s will be the first completely fossil-free dairy for milk powder production. And through the new plant, biogas will also be released for use in public transport and for other vehicles on Gotland.

The new energy plant is seen as an important part of the work towards Gotland’s vision of being completely self-sufficient in green energy.

At the inauguration, which takes place both digitally and at the dairy in Visby, Minister of Rural Affairs Jennie Nilsson, Governor Anders Flanking, Arla Sweden’s CEO Kai Gyllström, dairy manager Magnus Dahlbom, and vd Magnus Ahlsten, BroGas.

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