Returpack opens for deposit on canned dairy drinks

From 1 September, Returpack opens the deposit system for voluntary connection of dairy drinks in metal cans.

Today dairy drinks, meaning drinks that contain more than 50 percent dairy product, are not included in the recycling system, but now Returpack is opening for voluntarily connection for producers and manufactures of dairy drinks that are sold in cans.

– Each deposited can saves 78 grams of carbon dioxide equivalents compared to incineration. In our Swedish deposit system, about 1.5 billion cans spin every year. The fact that we are now opening our Swedish deposit system for dairy drinks in metal cans makes it possible to recycle even more cans and thereby save even more carbon dioxide, Bengt Lagerman, CEO of Returpack / Pantamera, says in a press release.

Sweden have one of the world’s oldest and most successful deposit systems. As early as 1984, the first metal can was pledged. In 2020, more than 2.2 billion packages arrived at Returpack’s facility in Norrköping. Almost nine out of 10 cans were pledged in Sweden during the past year, which means that approximately 21,000 tonnes of aluminium left the plant for recycling into new cans.

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