Norrmejerier got a new Chairman of the Board

Göran Olofsson has been appointed new Chairman of the Board of Norrmejerier as Ulla Bergström is leaving the Board after 14 years.

The appointment became clear in connection with Norrmejerier’s digital general meeting, which gathered around 40 representatives from all over Norrland.

Göran Olofsson (photo), who has been on Norrmejerier’s board since 2007, in recent years as vice chairman states in a press release, that a competitive price for the raw milk material is a matter of the heart for him. The new Chairman admits, that Norrmejerier is affected by the global and national market, but he says:

– We have good local products, we have loyal local consumers, and we have very good conditions to produce milk up here in the north with just enough sun and access to water. I therefore see that Norrmejerier has good conditions to be able to continue to be a strong Norrland dairy association that does good for Norrland.

Ulla Bergström, who hands over the chairmanship to Göran Olofsson, will now concentrate on her farm with 70 dairy cows in Svensbyn outside Piteå. She wishes Göran and the board good luck.

The annual general meeting supported the board’s proposal for a dividend of the association’s profit of SEK 36 million, which gives an average of 17 öre per kilo of raw milk material to the Norrland dairy farmers.

The actual milk price, including the proposed profit sharing, thus increased from SEK 3.56 / kg (2019) to SEK 3.61 / kg (2020).

Norrmejerier’s result in 2020, after financial items, was SEK 63 million. Read more and see the new Board HERE