Milk powder plant becomes fossil-free

Arla’s powder plant in Vimmerby has reduced energy consumption significantly in recent years. Now the dairy is taking the next step to make the entire production fossil-free. This happens through a collaboration with the energy supplier Adven.

Production of milk powder consumes large amounts of energy, but Arla has a set a goal to reduce energy consumption.

– We are reducing costs at the same time as we become fossil-free at the milk powder plant in Vimmerby. It pays to invest in climate measures, says Magnus Dahlblom, dairy manager in Vimmerby (photo in front/in the middle).

At the powder plant in Vimmerby, Arla has initiated a collaboration where Adven, one of the Nordic region’s leading energy companies, takes over the energy plant that supplies the processes with steam and hot water.

Arla and  Adven has begun the process by focusing on energy efficiency, among other things by recovering waste heat that was previously lost. Energy production will be completely fossil-free in the future.

The work will contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3,000 tonnes per year and Arla will be able to increase its production by 20 percent without expanding energy production. The work is expected to be completed in 2022.

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