Growing Consumer Appetite for cheese

A research from Tetra Pak reveals that a third of consumers have increased their cheese consumption during the pandemic

In a press release the food packaging and processing company Tetra Pak announces the development of 14 new Best Practice Lines (BPLs) for cheese manufacturers. At the same time the Swedish-Swiss company presents a new global research, that show a growing appetite for cheese during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has shifted consumer behaviours in many ways and cheese is no exception, with a third (36%) of consumers saying they have significantly increased their intake of cheese throughout the global pandemic. This is due, in part, to the fact that we are spending more time at home, providing us with increased opportunities to eat cheese, such as when watching TV (36%), with a drink (35%) or as a quick lunch (35%).

People are very attuned to the wellbeing benefits of cheese, acknowledging that it is healthy (56%), nutritious (51%) and high in protein (42%) and calcium (41%).
It is apparent that there is real demand from consumers to know the origins of their food, with an overwhelming majority (77%) expressing an interest in the process of cheese production, specifically the ingredients and where they are from (72%), where the product is made (52%), the heat treatments used (41%) and the sterile production (37%). Over a third (36%) also place particular value on environmentally friendly packaging.

Fred Griemsmann, Vice President Cheese & Powder Systems at Tetra Pak says:

– Cheese has been an essential part of our diet for centuries and it is set to remain so for many years to come. People are becoming more adventurous in terms of taste and texture, and we have the facility to accommodate this, ensuring that there is no compromise on the overall quality of the end result.

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