DMS-seminar: Sustainable Dairy

Ett nytt mycket intressant samt angeläget webinar från våra danska vänner  Mejeriteknisk Selskab.


Dairy has become the black sheep in the climate debate

Raw milk and dairy production face some opposition in the current climate debate – their positive impacts on some of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals seem forgotten. Especially, the vital contribution of dairy to good health and zero hunger plus economic growth, but also indirectly to some of the other goals is rarely mentioned.


This seminar will look at some of the most frequently mentioned challenges in the public debate: methane emission from cattle and how feeding can reduce this. Furthermore, the seminar will give examples of sustainability strategies when building completely new production facilities and how clean technologies such as electrification can be implemented in powder production, also reuse of water from whey will be discussed.

A take home message from the seminar will be that everyone can and should contribute to reduce the climate impact of today’s dairy – every small step is needed, while we wait for the larger steps to become available or implemented.


Members of the Danish Society of Dairy Technology: DKK 2,195 + VAT
Non-members: DKK 2,695 + VAT
Online participation of group up to 5 people: DKK 4,995 + VAT
(the 5 people must be from same site, but will receive individual links)

Please be invited to the seminar Sustainable Dairy on June 2nd 10-16 hrs.

The seminar is available both online and physically at Hotel Legoland.
Please be aware of the opportunity of registering 5 people from same site as a group as online participants.

See the full programme HERE.
Registration DMS-seminar: Sustainable Dairy

Deadline for registration: 25th May 2021 (for physical attendance – deadline for online participation will be extended).

Mvh Styrelsen