Arla invests SEK 52 million in Linköping

To secure future delivery and efficiency, Arla is investing SEK 52 million in a new packaging line for cups at the dairy in Linköping.

– Every year we invest around 100 million in the dairy in Linköping. This year it will be more. We are constantly reviewing opportunities to develop production in order to meet consumer demand. Presently we produce 1.2 million cups of crème fraiche and sour cream (gräddfil) every week, with the new packaging line we will be able to increase those volumes, Mathias Carlsson, dairy manager at Arla’s dairy in Linköping, says in a press release.

The new packaging line has a more modern control system, is more flexible to handle and enables the use of sustainable packaging solutions.

– We have had the two current packaging lines since 1998, so it is time to renew. The new packaging line is not only twice as efficient as the current two, it also easier to adjustment in the future, Mathias Carlsson.

During a transition period, the two existing packaging lines will be in operation to ensure a smooth transition and that production will continue as usual. Then one of the old packaging lines for cups will be removed. The installation is expected to be finished in June 2022.

In addition to crème fraiche and sour cream, the dairy in Linköping also produces milk, yoghurt and lactose-free products. Read more HERE