The highest milk price in 20 years

Arlas raises the milk price in May by 15.8 öre per kilo for conventional milk and by 21 öre for organic milk.

The strong industrial prices for butter and skimmed milk in Europe have an impact on Arla’s prices, which increases by May.

In Sweden, Arlas’ account price for conventional milk is increasing by 15.8 öre / kilo and adds up to be 381.6 öre / kg. This is the highest Swedish price for conventional milk during the 20 years Arla has available statistics for. So the company states according to ATL

The price for organic milk increases 21 öre. The extra increase in the eco-price in Sweden is driven by improved demand, Arla writes. The on-account price for organic milk will be 459.5 öre per kg.

Arla reports that prices in the commodity market have been stable over the past month, and is also optimistic about the near future, where: ‘the outlook for the time being looks stable’.

ATL has asked some dairy farmers about their thoughts on the new increase. Though happy, they all find the increase is too low.

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