Skånemejerier lends logistics assistance for vaccine distribution

Region Skåne is facing a big challenge vaccinating the population. Skånemejerier assists to make the distribution of vaccine more efficient by lending logistic expertise to the region.

The experience of distributing dairy products in Skåne can be used in the distribution of corona vaccine. And the knowledge of refrigerated transports in particular is valuable in distributing the vaccine doses in a safe way. Therefore, Skånemejerier lends a person from its logistic team to help the health authorities.

William Smygegård will be on loan until summer. Together with the region’s project group, he will be involved in developing a model for how the vaccine can be distributed to hospitals and health centers.

– This is something I work with daily — not with vaccine, but with dairy products. There are several similarities no matter what is in the trucks. For those of us who work with transport at Skånemejerier we always have the cold chain in mind. I think I can contribute to this collaboration with that knowledge, William Smygegård says.

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