Arla says goodbye to plastic spoons in snack products

During the early summer of 2021, Arla’s snack products will be reduced by 21 tonnes of plastic when almost 7 million disposable spoons are removed. Instead the consumers must use their own spoons.

The plastic reduction takes place for KESO® Cottage Cheese, Yoggi® and Arla Ko® Greek yogurt. Reducing the amount of plastic is an important part of Arla’s packaging strategy.

– We work continuously to reduce the amount of material and increase the proportion of renewable and recycled materials in our packaging. Being able to lose 21 tons of plastic per year is incredibly positive. If we look at how far many of our consumers have already come on the sustainability journey, we are convinced that they are ready to start carrying a regular spoon in their bag, Christer Lundin, marketing director at Arla, says in a press release.

Besides from out phasing the disposable spoons, Arla will reduce the amount of plastic in the lid for KESO® by approximately 2 grams. For KESO®, this means a plastic reduction of a total of 16 tonnes of plastic per year, the corresponding figure for Yoggi® and Arla Ko® Greek yoghurt is 5 tonnes. In total, 6.9 million disposable spoons are removed.

Arla Sweden’s sustainability goals for packaging:

  • 100 percent recyclable packaging by 2025
  • No virgin plastic in packaging by 2030

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