Increased confidence in Swedish food industry

91 percent of Swedes have great confidence in the Swedish food industry. This is the highest figure since Livsmedelsföretagen started the yearly survey. Another current study shows that the consumers are willing to pay for Swedish goods.

Since 1963 the organization Livsmedelsföretagen has surveyed the Swedes’ confidence in their food industry. In the first survey 63 percent stated that they had great confidence. Since then, the trend has pointed upwards. In the latest survey, conducted in November 2020, 91 percent answered that they have great confidence in the industry.

– When the corona pandemic struck in the spring of 2020, the industry was exposed to great strain. Many Swedes started hoarding food, but our member companies kept production going and quickly filled up the store shelves. Thanks to their availability, there was never a shortage of food. Companies take reliability, safety, sustainability and quality issues very seriously, and their way of dealing with this crisis has strengthened consumers’ already great confidence, Björn Hellman, CEO of Livsmedelsföretagen says in a press release. Read more HERE

Another survey from the labeling scheme ‘Från Sverige’ also shows that the Swedes are increasingly willing to pay for Swedish goods. The study shows that:

9 out of 10 consumers believe that the Swedish food industry is important (92%)

8 out of 10 consumers want to benefit Swedish farmers (84%)

7 out of 10 thinks that origin labelling makes it easier when shopping for food (75%)

7 out of 10 thinks that it is important to buy Swedish raw materials (69%)

7 out of 10 are willing to pay more for Swedish raw materials (73%)

The survey was conducted by Demoskop in January 2021. Read more HERE