Växa provides a record high refund to its members

Växa Sverige shows a strong result of SEK 14.7 million after financial items and provides a dividend of SEK 9 million.

Växa has just published its annual report. It shows a sales increase by SEK 14 million to SEK 442 million in 2020, and a profit after financial items on SEK 14.7 million.

SEK 9 million will be refunded to the members. That is the highest dividend in Wäxa’s ten-year long history.

2020 has been marked by corona , but Växa Sverige has managed to achieve record results thanks to digital working methods, flexibility and committed staff. Sales of semen doses have also developed positively by 2020.

– Great commitment in combination with initiative, creativity and digital customer meetings has meant that we have been able to keep customer contact and deliver the advice and service our customers want, Dorit Greve, CEO of Växa Sverige, says.

– I believe that the result in 2020 is proof that Växa is stronger than ever, thanks to the proactive attitude of our staff, through the services we have developed and not least the collaborations we are involved in in our industry. We are well equipped for the future; she concludes in a press release.

In an interview in ATL Dorit Greve comments on the development on the dairy side of the organisation.

– We see a more positive attitude among the milk producers. We have also seen a better economic for many farmers and more milk have been produced. It is great to see that there is a stronger belief in the future, Dorit Greve said.

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