The back of Arla’s milk packages inspire children to healthier lives

Every month Arla reaches half of Sweden’s population with messages on the milk packages. In March they encourage children to more physical activity.

During the month of March, 4.2 million people are expected to read the text pieces on be on the back of the milk packages. This time it is a list of fun activities that make it easy for children and young people to get a lot of movement into everyday life. The messages are the result of a collaboration between Arla and Generation Pep.

Generation Pep works to ensure that all children and young people in Sweden have the opportunity and desire to live a healthy life with more physical activity and better eating habits.

— For children who are growing up, milk and exercise are a good combination. That is why  the collaboration with Generation Pep is so important. We know that our milk backs reach hundreds of thousands of children every month and we hope to inspire and motivate them to healthier lives, Åsa Scherman says. She is editor and responsible for the messages on the backside of the packages.

The milk packages have been used to spread information since 1975 and today the massages reach almost half of Sweden’s population – every month. By using the milk packages for communication Arla wants to inspire and increase knowledge about food health, sustainability and animal care to the young generation.

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