Soon Boxholm will produce cheese again

The company Glada bonden will start producing cheese in Boxholm in April. In August, the cheese will be available in the Swedish stores, the agricultural media writes.

In the long run Glada bonden has plans that require both more milk and money. But for a start, the company has made a new emission to strengthen the cash by SEK 15 million.

The cheese production in Boxholm will start April. And the first cheeses will be ready to sell in august.

– Then the annual production will be 1,000 tonnes of cheese, says Anders Birgersson, one of Glada’s founder, to

The first products will be a cream cheese and a number of hard cheeses with different fat contents and storage time. The name is still a secret, but the hope is to sell all over the country.

The plan is to raise more money at the end of the year through another new emission. Then the idea is that a wider circle than just the current owners should be able to buy shares.

– In the long run, it will hopefully be a significantly larger production, which also means a need for more milk suppliers in the future, Anders Birgersson says.

The ongoing inventory conflict with Arla, does not worry him.

– Arla has no case and will not win, he says to

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