Skånemejerier is making an effort for biodiversity

This year, Skånemejerier actively supports the project Hela Skåne Blommar. The purpose is to help pollinating insects.

Dairy farmers, who supply Skånemejerier with milk, are encouraged to grow flowers in the edge zones of their fields, and at the same time 860 bags of flower seed are distributed to the company’s employees.

The project Hela Skåne Blommar, which now includes the whole of Sweden, is run by Hushållningssällskapet. Last year, 250 farmers I Skåne were involved in growing flowers in the edge zones of their fields. The result was that 600 kilometres of field edges were cultivated, and 200 hectares of flower beds were in bloom. Areas that invite important pollinating insects such as bumblebees and bees.

– 75 percent of the food we eat is dependent on pollinating insects. By creating better conditions for wild pollinators, we can make an important contribution, says Jeanette Flodqvist, Skånemejerier’s sustainability manager.

Skånemejerier will distribute seed bags to all employees, and Jeanette Flodqvist explains:

– This is a way for us to engage the entire company and raise the issue internally. We hope that many will feel a desire to make a contribution. It might seem a little effort to such an important issue as biodiversity. But in addition, everyone gets something beautiful to look at.

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