New name, more labour and a vegan cheese product in sight

The start-up company Noquo Foods changes its name to Stockeld Dreamery and announces that its first product will soon hit the market.

It is two years ago Noquo Foods was established, with the purpose to develop a vegan product, that could be an alternative to cheese. One year ago, the company still did not have a product, but had raised another 34 million SEK to further research. And now the Stockholm based company reveal that its first product soon can be found in restaurants — and later this year also in the shops. It will be a vegan feta-look-alike-product.

At the same time the company changes its name to Stockeld Dreamery.

– Dreamery is an allusion to ”creamery” where cheese is traditionally made and Stockeld is to link the name to Stockholm, Sorosh Tavakoli, founder and CEO, says to Food Supply.

He adds that the company is recruiting more staff.

– We will take in 15-20 people in research and development in the next 18 months, there is a lot that has not been done in this area, he says.

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