Havredals launches an alternative to cooking cream

The Swedish start-up company Havredals is launching a new product: Hädde Matlagning, which is sold as an oat-based alternative to cooking cream.

Havredals entered the marked a year ago with an oat drink, branded as 100 pct. Swedish, based on very few and pure ingredients. Now next step is revealed: Hädde Matlagning, produced in Sweden from Swedish oats and rapeseed oil.

– We want to show that it is possible to make good plant-based products without a range of emulsifiers and stabilizers. With Hädde, we hope to inspire more people to start cooking plant-based, says the company’s founder Per-Johan Thörn in a press release.

The name Hädde is a new word inspired by the way people talk about the product (Havre + grädde = Hädde). At the same time the company must comply with the rules on how plant-based dairy alternatives may be marketed in Sweden and the EU — rules that may become even stricter in the future. The new product can be purchased in ICA, selected Coop stores and Bergendahls.

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