Every fifth Swede drinks directly from the milk package

In many homes it is an issue whether it is okay to drink directly from the milk package. But the fact is that 22 percent of the Swedes do drink from the package once in a while. Double as many men than woman.

In a new survey by YouGov on behalf of Arla, 3,500 Swedes answered whether they drink directly from the milk package. Every fifth person said: ’Yes I do!’. Among men, almost 30 percent stated that they drink milk directly from the package. Two percent in the group 55+ stated that they sometimes take a sip, among the younger ones, aged 15-34, the number was 10 percent.

– I understand why many people drink directly from the package, you often end up with the refrigerator door open in search of something good to eat and then it is easy to use the opportunity and take a sip, Konrad von Otter, category manager for milk at Arla says.

He adds that another common occasion, where people drink from the package is after exercise, which he recommends because, ‘there is a lot in the milk that makes it suitable as a sports drink, not least the protein that helps build muscle’.

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