Arla is investing 95 million in Götene

In 2021, Arla will invest SEK 95 million in the dairy plant in Götene. The investment is made to secure safety, efficiency and capacity in the butter production.

At the dairy plant in Götene Arla produce classics such Bregott and Swedish Butter, which are sold all over the country. With a new investment Arla secures the dairy plant for the future and increases efficiency and capacity, Marika Lifbom, senior dairy manager at Arla’s dairy plant in Götene, says in a press release.

Every year, the dairy plant in Götene produces 56,000 tonnes of butter and cooking fat. And Arla is now making a strategic investment of SEK 95 million in parts of the production process e.g., more efficient equipment for churning butter, new silos and more efficient cleaning. The project is expected to continue during 2021-2022.

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